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OPC Global

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OPC Global 

OPC Global (OPCG) is currently celebrating 17 years working with primary care practitioners and specialists to produce high quality patient profiles that facilitate improvements in the care of those with chronic respiratory conditions.

OPCG Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

OPCG envisions a hassle-free world and offers reports, programmes, reviews, and audits that enable access to seamless data for practitioners, and administrative and management staff.

OPCG Global Network

Global Network

OPCG comprises 4 institutions, 1 severe asthma registry, and 2 two research databases uniquely placed across the globe to improve the lives of patients through enterprising innovations.

OPCG Research and Development

Research & Development

OPCG prides itself in performing research of the highest ethical standards and strives to develop novel tools that can be adopted internationally for the best possible patient experience.

 Our Network

OPCG is part of a collaborative group of affiliated companies:

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OPCG is proud to partner with leading experts and organisations in order to improve patient outcomes.

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What we offer for you

We are dedicated to improving the care and management of patients with chronic medical conditions through our unique quality improvement programme and ethically approved research.

Tailored Practice Reports

We help general practitioners to review the management of their patients through tailored Practice Reports.

Patient Level Reports

We provide practices with individual patient reports for Asthma and COPD

Research Support

We are invested in respiratory research and the development of a new clinical tool for primary care physicians.

Research and Development

OPC Global Research

Here are some research highlights

PERIOD – NOW TO 01/01/2028

Research on chronic conditions, infectious diseases, and rare diseases to develop and test novel quality improvement tools in the UK and worldwide

  • Disease area: chronic, infectious and rare diseases

  • Database: Optimum Patient Care Research Database (OPCRD) which holds anonymous data on over 12 million patients across the UK.

PERIOD – NOW TO 01/05/2025

Research in difficult to treat asthma (DTT) to develop and test novel quality improvement tool for specialist centres in Australia and worldwide

  • Disease area: Difficult to Treat asthma

  • Database: International Severe Asthma Registry which has provided anonymous data on 11,555 severe asthma patients (including 8,889 patients with prospective data) from our 23 collaborating countries.

Meet our Directors

OPC Global Team

OPCG Founder David Price

Professor David Price

Professor David Price is founder and head of Optimum Patient Care (UK and Australia)

OPC Global Director Victoria Carter

Victoria Carter

 Victoria is our Research & Operations Director

Optimum Patient Care Global Chris Price

Christopher Price

Chris is our Commercial & Legal Director


Senior Doctor

Years of experience supporting primary and specialist care

OPC Global currently provides a range of services to health care professionals and health care organisations, working in collaboration with practices across the world. The services provided include:

Quality Improvement Programme

Research support services (observational, database and clinical trials)

Data extraction services

Educational activities in practical disease management

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